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East and South in the West ... Ukraine

Friday the "Fryday". Saturday the field trip to visit again volunteers and IDPs. Some hundert km through the rainy country. Some hours talk with people who're doing their best to support each other and also the IDPs. Some visits and talks in IDP centers. Some pics as usual.


Somewhere in the nowhere the children recreation center "Druschba", means "friendship". Empty. Only three IDP families from the East living there. One young men with wife and two kids. Apart from that only women and some more kids. The world is so far away - but they themselves have also not ideas to change the situation.

Cut: A Crimea Tatare Settlement. I was told that in this village and even in the region there is a huge conflict between locals and the new so called "orthodox" Tartare community. Be carefull and all this things ...

Arriving there the first thing was that we were invited by the head of the community. It turns out that some small incidents were be taken by somebody to create a huge issue out of it. And another thing turns out: he is the commander of the Battalion "Krim", consiting mostly Muslims  (Crimea Tatars) but also more and more Ukrainians who are admiring the straigh life and values of the Tartares.

I was even invited to the evening prayer. And of course we had to stay there for the most exiting Crimea Tatarian Plow. A kind of heaven.

And Emils (the cook) flying Knive finally disapperead in my Bag.

And now he has a swiss army knive.


Back to Kiev through a rainy night.

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